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The most common DO files are web based Java applications utilized on a web server. When talking about these files it must be noted that DO is not really a file extension at all. It is a specific type of web application that can carry a variety of file extensions, .vcs being one of those used. It is reported that adding the .vcs extension to a DO file will allow it to be opened or imported by programs with .vcs support, but this is unverified. The DO file which is used in a dynamic web page environment is mapped to the ActionServlet of the Struts Framework, and from there it is launched. In order to run a DO application, the website must reside on a server that supports Java Server Pages (JSP). Many of the major web servers support JSP including IBM's WebSphere Application Server, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Application Server, and the Sun Java System Web Server. Because the DO file is not a data file per se, it cannot simply be opened with another application like a text document can. It is written application code and serves no useful purpose to the average user.


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Errors can occur with any Java servlets, including DO files, and yet go unnoticed by the computer user. This is because some browsers, depending on the type of error, will continue to render the page properly despite the error. If the user never activates the application he will never know an error exists. Other browsers may produce an error message automatically upon page loading. This makes DO errors extremely hard to track down once a web site has been implemented. Web developers must go through many hours of debugging and testing to locate and repair Java servlet errors.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Do

The actual .do file extension belongs to a software application from Mentor Graphics Corp., called ModelSim. This application is a complete debugging and simulation package available for the Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms. In ModelSim, the .do is either a scripting file or a data file containing information about waveform display settings. Corrupted data in either the script file or waveform display file will ultimately interrupt or hinder the simulation and require debugging. This should not be an issue since this is the purpose of the software. ModelSim's .do files are exclusive to their software and cannot be opened or edited by other applications.

Another application that uses the .do extension is Stata, a statistical and data analysis environment from StataCorp LP. The Stata .do file is a data file that contains the list of Stata commands needed for a given project. It can be opened with a standard text editor, as long as the editor can handle extremely large files. Notepad has been reported to not work well for editing Stata .do files due to the need for it to be opened in ASCII format. Crimson has been recommended as a good editor because it handles the large files and has features important to developers, such as syntax highlighting. The Stata application also has its own editor built in.

If errors are encountered when trying to open a Stata .do, the developer might try to break the file into several smaller ones. This may solve the problem but can be a disadvantage from the programming aspect. Having to simultaneously work with several different files makes continuity difficult.

The .do file extension has also been linked to a Digital Line Graph (DGL) file used by the Global Mapper software, play lists used by the 4oD media player, an old DOS 3.3 disk image, a web hosting control panel from Digital Outrage, and a MicroSim PCBoard file. None of these have been verified, and no other information has been reported.

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